Stop Trying To Win All The Time


Most of the problems of life will be solved if we quit the tenacity of winning every time. If you don’t insist on winning for just for one day, you will find your day more beautiful.

Once a king ordered to bring a happy person in front of him. Many people were brought to him, but no one was free from any sorrows. After a few days, the king, while declaring the prize, said, “Whoever will bring the happy person will also get prize.” Till now only happy person had to get the prize, now the prize was declared for the person bringing the happy person as well.

A poor person living in a village knew such man, who always lived in his pleasure. He went to that man and asked him to come along. Initially that man didn’t agree, but later agreed only to help his neighbour. The king asked him, “Are you really happy? What is the secret of your happiness?” The man replied with a smile, “Freedom from winning. I am ready to lose without any fight.’ Then kind asked, “Have you ever felt sorrow?” The king got a beautiful reply, “I never tried to understand happiness or pleasure. Happiness and sorrow are not different. Try to find one, you will get the other one automatically.”

To explain his point, he said, “No one could ever insult me because I never went for the respect ever. I am ready to be the last. Now who would leave me behind?”

In the end, the king agreed that he had found a happy person.

In this hectic and stressful life, we are mostly unsatisfied. We are always trying to prove ourselves right. This increases stress in life.

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