Julian Lennon feared he ‘may be gone’ when his cancer was spotted


Visiting a dermatologist in LA, Julian Lennon described how “a little bump” on his head “that was actually a mole” caught the attention of the expert. “She noticed a little bump on my head, that was actually a mole, that had been there, along with a birthmark, for the last 57 years,” he wrote on a Facebook post. “But this time, it looked and felt a little different. She urged me to have a biopsy two days ago, which I obliged…

“Only to learn, 24 hours later, that it was malignant/cancerous, and that her recommendation was to get it removed immediately, which is what happened today [February 2, 2020].”

The musician, whose latest album JUDE is out now, said his cancer scare had him “shaking inside”.

“I cannot tell you how I felt,” he continued. “From one moment of joy, to the fear of feeling that I may be gone, at any given moment.

“I’m still shaking inside… but my faith is strong,” he wrote, adding his advice for other people.

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“In most cases, once the melanoma has been removed there’s little possibility of it returning,” the NHS assures.

Up to 90 percent of people who undergo this procedure are monitored for up to five years to check that the cancer doesn’t return.

If, after five years, there is no further sign of cancer, the patient is typically discharged.

Stage three melanoma, however, means the cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes, which will need to be removed.

Julian Lennon stars on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, November 20 at 9.30am.



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