Follow These Simple Steps To Teach Your Child Social Etiquettes


It is important to inculcate social etiquettes in children from their early days. Involving children in small fun filled activities and taking them to community gatherings help them to interact with other children. This increases their social interaction skills and at home also they forge a good bonding with parents.

Such activities help the children to realise the importance of empathy and gratitude when they grow up. Here are a few simple steps, which you can follow to make your child learn social etiquettes.

1. Regularly interact with your neighbours

Acknowledging the people you know with a hello while seeing them is a sign of respect. Paying respects to neighbours shows your humble side. Exchanging pleasantries with your neighbours makes your children learn those manners as well.

2. Show empathy to your neighbours

Offer to cook food for the neighbour who is ill. These simple acts of kindness can make anyone happy. These gestures help in developing an emotional bond with neighbours and when children see such gestures they also learn empathy and kindness.

3. Plan a fun event for connecting with each other

Organising fun filled events in the neighbourhood is a great way to connect with people. These events can include organising a party over dinner or lunch.

4. Responding to neighbour’s needs

We are living in a fast paced world with people involved in busy schedules. This opportunity could be used for connecting with others at a personal level. Pay them a visit, listen to their problems and also help in solving them. There can be an elder neighbour who needs help with daily chores. There could also be a single parent who would need help with taking care of children.

When parents show such kindness towards their neighbours, it helps children to follow those practices as well.

5. Offer your neighbours small gifts

Inexpensive gifts in the form of home-made recipes or desserts could be a good way of forging a strong bond with your neighbours. Taking responsibility to collect important parcels while neighbours are on vacation are some other ways of extending help. You can send the children to handover the gift to your neighbour. This will make the children more friendly with your neighbours.

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