Fat loss: Best diet to eliminate ‘stubborn’ subcutaneous fat – expert advice



A combination of regular cardio and strength training is the method that is most likely to bring about the best weight loss and fat loss results, said Shadia.

“While cardio is often the go-to for weight and fat loss, strength training builds lean muscle that burns calories at a higher rate – even while you are resting.  Although you might burn fewer calories during a strength training workout, the muscle that you build is going to get you a higher ‘net expenditure’. This means that your body will continue to burn calories for 24-48 hours after you finish.

“Because of this, for fat loss, strength training workouts are recommended around three times a week for the optimum results.”

Targeted treatments

There’s a new generation of effective, safe, and non-invasive targeted treatments which can drastically help to eliminate stubborn fat from all areas of the body by combining multipolare Radiofrequency, LLLT Laser, and Vacuum suction, said Shadia.



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