Don’t Impose Your Thoughts on Your Kids


Travelling is very significant in life. The joy of a nomadic lifestyle can only be explained by the one who has lived it. We have forgotten the importance of the freedom we have got as humans, so we ourselves invite new attachments.

Mindfulness got an email from Radheshyamji. He asked with some worry, “My son doesn’t obey me and it has created a rift between us. I am a government servant and about to retire. I think he should get married before my retirement, but he is not ready. I want him to go for a government job, but he is happy with his private job. There is good money in that job, but it is not secure.”

Being a parent doesn’t mean you keep on worrying that your child is not living as per your rules. I asked Radheshyamji, “Did you fulfill your parents’ dreams?”

He gave an interesting reply, “Had I followed my father, I would have been a farmer and not an officer.” Then I said, “Don’t expect your son to do what you didn’t do.”

Life should be allowed to flow. Children are not leaves of a tree who should go as per the wishes of the tree. They have independent existence. We should accept it.

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