Deloitte rolls out new home monitoring tool


Deloitte is adding a new home-monitoring and remote-care feature to its ConvergeHEALTH MyPath. The new tech, dubbed ConvergeHEALTH Hospital in Home, is focused on combining telemedicine and wearable tools. 

It works by capturing data from remote-monitoring tools like wearables, enabling virtual care and linking both up on a dashboard that allows for integrated analytics tools. The tool is able to integrate with EHR systems. Patients are able to tap into support via the service’s digital Rx kit, which helps them set up home monitoring equipment. 

This news comes about a year after Deloitte announced its new healthcare products. At the time the product line had four major focuses: one for life science companies to engage with patients and recruit for clinical trials, one for governments and public health organizations agencies to engage with patients, another for providers to communicate with patients, and one for payers. 


During the coronavirus pandemic virtual care and remote monitoring rose exponentially in popularity. Now Deloitte is joining the wave with this project. It is pitching this tool as a way to help keep patients in the home and save on funds.

“MyPath for Hospital in Home delivers value for all facets of the health care ecosystem. It enables an improved patient experience with better outcomes which enhances reputation and can make patients happier. It can help improve cost structure by reducing length of stay, decreasing utilization of capital infrastructure, and delivering better workforce utilization.

“Additionally, as care is increasingly moved out of the acute setting, MyPath for Hospital in Home provides another option for diversifying revenue. With MyPath for Hospital in Home health systems and providers have the opportunity to integrate physical and digital delivery modalities to create a differentiated, patient-centric experience,” Dr. Ken Abrams, managing director of Deloitte Consulting LLP and Deloitte chief medical officer, said in a statement. 


In June, Sony published a new survey that found that 90% of people managing chronic conditions in the US said they could do it better with access to remote monitoring. In recent months we’ve seen a splash of new technologies roll out – from Circadia Health’s contactless respiration-rate monitor to Careology’s cancer-monitoring tool. 

Seniors, in particular, have become a major focus of remote monitoring. Just last week Comcast and Independence Health Group teamed up on a new platform called Quil Assure to help seniors connect to care teams and access emergency assistance. 

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