World Health Organization Epidemiologist Warns Against Long COVID Symptoms


The wounds of COVID-19 keep reviving themselves as the vile variants keep emerging every now and then. The new year saw another variant of the coronavirus, Omicron, currently driving the third wave in and around the country. During a time when people are getting overloaded with information, some crucial bits tend to slip.

The World Health Organization has again notified and cautioned people of one of the aftermaths caused by the malevolent virus known as Long COVID. COVID-19 virus tends to prey on the respiratory system of the body, and while the active symptoms are widely talked about, Long COVID, a.k.a. post-COVID condition, symptoms are easy to miss. Moreover, these symptoms affect the body even after a person is cured of COVID-19.

A Twitter page called LongCovidSOS recently shared their contentment regarding the media not throwing enough light on the glaring and gnawing Long COVID. The tweet read, “There seems to be no mention of Long COVID in any of the media briefings, recommendations, or policy papers. The people of the world, especially the developing world, need the WHO to inform the government about the possibility of developing Long COVID even from a ‘mild’ infection.”

Citing the tweet, American infectious disease epidemiologist, Maria Van Kerkhovetook cognizance of the matter and assured that the organization “will continue to work towards recognition” of the Long COVID. Maria, in the tweet, wrote, “We agree. Please see here where we are regularly warning about this. Who and partners around the world will continue to work towards recognition, better research, and appropriate rehab for those suffering from Post COVID-19 Condition (Long COVID).”

Long COVID is a mixed bag of symptoms that are active and those that are triggered by the effect of the virus on bodily functions. Fatigue, Insomnia, Decreased Endurance, Loss of smell are some of the symptoms that tail the post-COVID condition.

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