Why Eating Too Many Bananas Isn’t a Good Idea


When the bananas turn a little dark in colour and have black spots, they become very sweet.

While bananas are a very healthy fruit, their effects can be both good and bad.

Banana is that fruit which is available across seasons. You will get them in any part of India at a low cost. Despite the fact that it is not a costly fruit, bananas have a lot of health benefits. A source of vitamins and nutrients, bananas are preferred by athletes. However, did you know that bananas have benefits and come with some side-effects. Let’s have a look at what those side-effects are.

When the bananas turn a little dark in colour and have black spots, they become very sweet. These bananas have a bad effect on blood sugar levels. You should eat bananas when they are a little green.

Diabetes patients should avoid bananas as they have high sugar levels.

Bananas which are very sweet also cause dental problems.

Raw bananas can aggravate your constipation problems. People who suffer from slow digestion should not eat these at all.

Since raw bananas have fiber, they can reduce appetite and help you lose weight. But one can also have digestive problems like bloating, gas, pain in the abdomen.

Potassium and magnesium found in bananas meet nearly 10% of your daily needs. These two are important minerals that make electrolytes. It is rare to find them both in natural fruits. These electrolytes take water as energy to muscles instead of the bloodstream. Eating bananas after the gym is a good idea.

Eating potassium-rich bananas can affect blood pressure. Food items rich in sodium like vegetables should be eaten with them. This helps in balancing the sodium-potassium levels in the body. It is advised to eat bananas in moderation.

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