Wellness expert explains how to boost virus-fighting T cells


A sharp rise in Omicron cases has increased the anxiety levels among the people. Getting vaccinated and strengthening our immune system are some of the steps which should be followed without fail. Wellness expert and lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho took to Instagram to share some tips regarding how to stay safe from the Omicron variant of Covid-19.

Luke explains that T cells of our immune system play a very important role in helping us fight the viruses. According to Luke, T cells activate other immune cells and destroy the infected cells. You must be inquisitive to know how to boost these ‘life saving’ T cells. Luke details these steps in his new Instagram post. In the post, he says that the only difference between a healthy and an infected person is the immune system.

The wellness expert has laid down the following tips to activate the T cells.

Vitamin D– The lifestyle coach explains that Vitamin D is very essential for the immunity function of the body. It also helps in prevention and recovery from viruses.

Sleep– Sleep deprivation lowers our immunity response and increases inflammation in our body. He notes that this makes our body vulnerable to infections and viruses.

Exercise– The lifestyle coach emphasises on the importance of moderate levels of exercising. He stresses on the need of moving and staying active. The consumption of vitamin C and zinc-rich foods like garlic, ginger, Indian garam masala, turmeric and raw honey is also important.

Meditation– Luke also underlines the importance of deep breathing and pranayama which can help a lot in keeping our cells oxygenated. He also highlights the importance of spending time in nature.

Staying hydrated– Among beverages, Luke prefers water over tea and coffee. Also, he cautions avoiding refined sugar, flour, junk food and aerated drinks.

Quit smoking and drinking– Luke also requests people to stop smoking and drinking. At a time when there is a pandemic around, consumption of these products will only make things worse.

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