Tips for Students to Take Care of Their Eyes During Examinations


Exams are stressful and students preparing for 10th and 12th boards or other entrance exams need to focus on their health while also focusing on exams. Exams mean a lot of reading, writing and with online exams these days, it also means staring at the screen for hours, which leads to tired and strained eyes. Good nutrition and proper sleep are generally neglected by students during this time. To fuel their eyes, brain and body, it is crucial to eat and sleep on time and avoid eye strain. Here are a few tips for eye care during examinations.

Do not lie flat on your back and read as this can strain your eyes and make you feel tired.

While reading, maintain a distance of at least 25cms between the book and the eye.

Take 10-minute breaks in between reading or studying if you sit for hours.

Maintain a healthy diet during your exams which include fresh fruits and vegetables. Include food items that are rich in beta carotene that will help you have healthy eyes and proper vision.

Avoid rubbing your eyes when you feel sleepy and splash cold water instead. Keep splashing cold water in your eyes at regular intervals.

Read in a properly lit room because sitting and reading in a dim room make lead to eye strain.

Never read in a moving bus or train because this may also lead to eye strain.

While reading online, keep the monitor at a 45-degree angle to position the eyes better

Make and follow a timetable that gives you ample time to sleep and recharge your body.

Do not skip meals. During exams, students tend to skip or avoid eating due to stress. However, a deficiency of nutrition in the body can make you feel weak and lead to a loss of concentration.

Staying hydrated is another crucial thing to keep you fresh and your mind alert. Dehydration can lead to headaches and an inability to focus. Drink at least 2.5 to 3 litres of water every day.

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