This Bizarre Marriage Ritual in Africa Will Make You Do a Facepalm


Marriage traditions differ in places across the globe. Apart from being different, they also sometimes leave you baffled by their absurdity. A similar weird marriage ritual is followed in some areas of Africa. According to this ritual, the bride’s mother sleeps with her and the groom on their first night after marriage. Quite shocking, isn’t it? Yes, that happens for real and if the bride’s mother is not there, an elderly woman from her family sleeps with them.

Now, the question arises of what special purpose this marriage ritual serves. Reportedly, the bride’s mother or elderly woman explains to the newly married couple how they are going to spend their life happily. This is not the only objective behind this insane marriage custom.

Apart from this, the bride will also be explained the procedure of spending the first night after marriage. After spending the first night with the couple, the bride’s mother or elderly woman will confirm that they have embarked on a happy married life.

This is not the only bizarre marriage ritual followed by people. In Indonesia, married couples have to live for three days without going to the washroom. Reportedly, this ritual is performed so that married couples enjoy happy and long-lasting marriages. If the couple fails the test, the marriage is expected to end very soon.

A group of people supervises the couple and ensures they do not relieve themselves secretly. They will give small amounts of food and water so that the couple does not feel the urge to use the washroom. This ritual is performed by the Tidong tribe. The Tidong tribe belongs to the North Eastern region of Borneo. Borneo lies near the border between Indonesia and Malaysia.

In a similar astonishing wedding ritual, a bride belonging to the Tujian ethnic minority of China is expected to start weeping a month before her wedding. The bride is required to cry every day for one hour.

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