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Oily hair is nothing to be ashamed of, but it can totally be a pain to deal with. Those of us who tend to look very greasy when we dare skip a wash day know that it takes a very special mix of products to keep that oiliness at bay. And it all starts with the right shampoo.

But how does one pick a shampoo amongst the many at our disposal? To answer that, we had to turn to the experts. See what they had to say below. 

  • Bridgette Hill is a trichologist
  • April Story is a Fekkai Global master stylist
  • Andrew Fitzsimons is a celebrity hairstylist and founder of Andrew Fitzsimons
  • Kari Williams, PhD is the a trichologist and the director of education at Cécred 

​​Causes of Oily Hair

The key to understanding how you got oily hair in the first place starts at the scalp. As certified trichologist Bridgette Hill explains, our scalp is made up of two main dermal glands: the sebaceous gland and the sudoriferous sweat gland. The sebaceous gland (aka oil gland) produces sebum, and the sudoriferous gland produces sweat when our scalp perspires. Hill says that a healthy, functioning body will excrete a balance of sebum and water to promote a healthy scalp and environment for hair to grow. It’s when the body is overly stressed or inflamed that the sweat glands will expel a type of fatty sweat that interacts with healthy bacteria on our scalp that will give it that oily and “dirty scalp” feel. 

“Just like the rest of your skin, balance is key,” says April Story, Fekkai global master stylist. “There are several factors that can contribute to the overproduction of oil on the hair and scalp.” Story lists the following as some of the most common causes of oily hair:

  • Genetics
  • Hormonal changes
  • Over washing
  • Using the wrong hair products
  • Not rinsing properly
  • Diet
  • Environmental factors

Andrew Fitzsimons, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Andrew Fitzsimons haircare, agrees and says that understanding these causes will help guide you in finding the right solution. “By identifying the root cause, you can make informed choices in managing your oily hair,” he says. 

How to Treat Oily Hair

According to Kari Williams, PhD, Cécred director of education and certified trichologist, washing oily hair and scalps requires an approach that will remove excess oil without stripping the scalp. It’s all about finding products that strike that perfect balance. Story suggests looking for products that are gentle and sulfate-free with ingredients that are known to combat and regulate oil and sebum (think apple cider vinegar, salicylic acid and other types of exfoliants). 

With all that in mind, the experts shared their picks of what to use when washing your hair. Below are 17 of the best shampoos for oily hair.

The Best Shampoos for Oily Hair

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Cécred Clarifying Shampoo & Scalp Scrub ($38)

“This dual-action product combines physical and chemical exfoliants to deeply cleanse the scalp and hair, removing product buildup without over-stripping,” says Dr. Williams. “It’s formulated to soothe and balance the scalp and includes a chelating agent that neutralizes the effects of hard water.” You’ll find exfoliants, fermented purple willow bark and tea tree oil to remove buildup and boost scalp health. 




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