Sushmita Sen Reveals her Poor Networking Skills Resulted in Missed Opportunities; Know the Rules of Networking


Sushmita Sen made a successful leap from beauty pageant winner to an actress. However, the 46-year-old,during the Critics Choice Short Film and Series Awards, blamed her poor networking skills as the reasons why she hasn’t been able to get any mainstream work lately in the film industry. Not just this, but she also revealed that her hesitance towards networking resulted in several missed opportunities.

Many people believe that networking during the job search means calling your contacts and asking them for the vacancies. It is the biggest misconception about it. Networking is a mind game and is extremely crucial for your career, which means that it is a must-have skill for your professional growth. Networking not only helps you to seek better job opportunities but also helps you to stay on top of industry trends. But the line between good networking skills and being pushy and overbearing is very thin, making it crucial to be aware of the rules. Let’s dive into the rules of networking so that you never miss an opportunity to grow in your career.

Never lose contact with someone

We are so busy with our schedule that we start losing touch with people. You must always try to stay in touch with your old acquaintance because you never know who might prove helpful to you. Not just this, but whenever you meet a person, always thank them for their time because the more you seem generous, the more they would want to help you.

Make a good first impression

Remember nobody gets a second chance to make a first impression. Making a good first impression is important so that people always remember you for your unique personality. The key is presenting yourself as powerful and humble at the same time.

Have an objective before contacting a person

Always have an objective before contacting a person, as it will help you with a clear idea of how to approach the person, what should be the conversation, or how you must appear before him/her.

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