Stroke: COVID-19 increases risk of symptoms


What this report does is to refocus the light onto Covid as a condition that has to be thought about in the long-term as the UK Government plans to lift the legal requirement to self-isolate if someone has tested positive in the coming weeks.

Although every single nation is slowly learning to live with the notion of living with Covid just as it did with the flu virus in the 20th Century, there is still a degree of uncertainty about to what extent Covid can be lived with.

This report could form part of that discussion and long-term plans for healthcare services as they recover from the pandemic and develop more effective treatments for it.

In the short term, the focus is on economic recovery and the notion of returning to a social normal not seen for nearly two years, a period in which people have continued to suffer from strokes, whose symptoms can be summarised in an acronym “FAST”.



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