Siblings Day 2021: History and Significance


Siblings Day is marked on April 10. As the name suggests, the day is meant to celebrate the bond between siblings. The day was started by a woman named Claudia Evart after she lost her brother and sister. The first Siblings Day was first celebrated in 1995. Main intention behind marking the day is to emphasise on the importance of the role that siblings play in one’s life.

The date of April 10 was chosen because it is Lisette, Claudia’s sister’s birth anniversary. On this day, people share love filled greetings with their siblings to express their gratitude and acknowledge the efforts put in by their brothers and sisters. The bond between siblings is considered to be bitter-sweet. Many people believe that siblings are also a person’s first and truest best friends.

If you have a sibling, don’t forget to make the day special for him or her. To make the day exciting you can do any of the following things:

• Go through childhood albums together

• Plan a fancy lunch or dinner at home

• Watch a movie together

• Play a game that you used to play as children

• Cook each other’s favourite food

• Indulge in an activity that you would enjoy together.

In case you are not with your sibling today, make sure you extend the wishes of the day through WhatsApp or social media. You can share a childhood photo, a cute picture of you together, or a snap of a memory that is unforgettable for the two of you with a love and fun filled caption, which reminds them of the happy times they spent with you.

If you want to go an extra mile you can also send gifts, flowers, or any other thing that your sibling may like on this special day. You can also schedule a video call with them, in order to ensure that they do not feel lonely on Siblings Day 2021.

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