Shenaz Treasury Urges Travellers To Reuse Plastic Bottles Instead Of Dumping In Nature


Actress Shenaz Treasury, whose travel blogs help us plan our trips, has come up with an informative piece of video. In her recent post on Instagram, Shenaz talked about people consuming so much plastic and dumping it in nature while they travel.

The travel blogger posted a set of photos of her standing near a pile of plastic photos in a pine forest in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu. The blogger embedded text on the pictures read: “Dump your ex, recycle your plastic.” On the other photo, she wrote, “plastic collected in just in one day at Kodaikanal check post.”

She took a jibe at the traveller for not being responsible and penned the caption, “I try to understand why people consume so much plastic without being embarrassed or feeling guilty, I can’t seem to find the answer.”

Shenaz talked about the unusual combinations of food and said, “Much like I still can’t find the answer to why people eat pineapple on pizza or ketchup with eggs. Khair, eating that is still an acceptable crime but using plastic is just not okay.”

She also stated that the plastic was collected in one day at the checkpoint in Kodaikanal before entering the Pine Forest. “Even after all the checking there were plastic wrappers in the Pine Forest !” she added.

Shenaz further gave a solution to reduce the wastage of plastic bottles and shared, “I always carry my own bottle when I travel and fill it up at restaurants and hotels whenever I get a chance. Perhaps you can do the same?”

She also hopes that there will be a day when things change and added, “The only thing unacceptable we do is eat pineapple on pizzas.”

Next time, when we travel let’s try to reuse plastic bottles and instead of throwing them away in nature let’s dispose of them in a dustbin.

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