Sharon Stone on ‘massive nine-day’ brain haemorrhage tha left her with ‘brain damage’


After Stone’s angiography, the doctors decided what to do next. Stone recalled: “Everybody got together and they decided: the most advanced technique and the most modern thing was the 22 platinum coils in my head in replace of the artery.

“I woke up finding out that this is what had happened and then I had to learn to walk, hear, write, talk, remember, and everything, all over again. I thought that I was dying for a long time, even after I came home.”

Following the ordeal, Stone went on a two-year hiatus from acting although she didn’t recover fully for another seven years. Her home-life and career suffered.

She said: “My career was basically over, my family was over, I got divorced, my child was taken away.”

Despite the severity of what happened to Stone, she said it made her improve.

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