Shania Twain Is A Whole Lotta Woman With Pink Hair


Shania Twain just joined the pink hair club with Rihanna, posting a photo on Instagram from her Haute Living cover shoot. 

The 58-year-old captions the post, “I love this outtake from the @hauteliving cover shoot because you can FEEL how much fun I was having 💅 Expect me to be coloring my hair, doing what I dare in Vegas, sorry not sorry!!”

This pink hair is all thanks to Dimitris Giannetos. The celebrity hairstylist posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, “SHANIA TWAIN ♥️ Blush locks for legendary @shaniatwain !”

The country singer told Haute Living that she decided to play around with her locks. “It’s funny — the reason that I even experimented with [the pink] was because I’m going grey,” Twain tells Haute Living. “And now I’m thinking that when I’m entirely grey, maybe I should just dye my hair at that point and rock the pink.” 

Twain further explains that she’s experiencing herself as she approaches getting older. “It’s the way I feel when I have that color on. It makes me feel youthful. I don’t need to look younger in my own mind—it’s not a goal of mine—but I do like to feel refreshed, and the pink hair does that. It’s awesome.”

Twain also discussed how she’s enjoying doing the things she loves and feels confident in. “Now, I dance around the house. In private, I go around naked. I don’t think I had ever done that before, but it felt so natural to forget the clothes. Now, I’m like, Oh my gosh, I’ve really been missing out. This is really liberating.”

Ahead of Twain’s Vegas residency, which starts May 10 at the Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, she’s trying things that make her uncomfortable, traveling and playing around with fashion for the show.

“Outside of experimenting with hair color, I would say that I enjoy being fearless—nothing really scares me. I’m not worried about wearing a hair color and not pulling it off. I’m not worried about the backlash… even in my own mirror. There’s no wrong thing to experiment with. You’ve just got to have fun—and being playful makes me feel more youthful.”

One thing about Twain is that she always advises women to tap into themselves. 

“You should have the confidence and fearlessness to walk around naked if you want to. If I had any advice to impart on the youth, it would be don’t ever not do those things; don’t ever lose touch with those very basic, playful moments in your life. Don’t ever have the need to be reunited with that aspect of yourself, because you shouldn’t lose touch with it in the first place.”



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