Seven in 10 parents feel family life is making them ill more often, study finds


Seven in 10 parents admit family life is making them ill – and taking its toll on partners, research has found. The study, of 1,500 mums and dads, found that, despite feeling ill for much of the time when their kids are young, 60 percent have no choice but to “power on through”.

And 58 percent say that not being able to just stop when necessary is the root cause of them feeling more ill now, than they ever did pre-children.

Lack of rest (54 percent), and catching coughs and colds from little ones, who are building their immune system (40 percent), are also blamed for parents feeling worse than ever.

And 34 percent have resigned themselves to getting unwell more frequently due to living with more people, according to the research, by family wellness brand, Zarbee’s.

Meanwhile, 24 percent admit symptoms of ailments like headaches can feel worse due to a loud household.

The research also found over half of parents (51 percent) admit they don’t take care of themselves when poorly – particularly if their child is ill, too.

And for those with a partner, 31 percent said their other half shares the burden by putting the kids first and carrying on, regardless of how ill they are themselves.

However, 35 percent of parents admit sickness in the household can take its toll on their relationship – due to lack of sleep (67 percent), general frustration (48 percent), and becoming short-tempered about small things (40 percent).

As a result, 58 percent wish they could do more to prevent coughs and colds in their household. More than six in 10 (62 percent) will distribute multivitamins to their family to help boost immunity, while 48 percent ensure their children get enough sleep, and 51 percent encourage fresh air.

The research, conducted via OnePoll, found the typical family goes through 12 illnesses a year – with colds, coughs, and sore throats the most frequent sicknesses experienced.

A spokesman from Zarbee’s said: “Our research shows that when one parent is run down, the relationship with their children or their partner can be impacted.

“A family’s wellbeing is also a priority for parents who are already using, or consider using, multivitamins to support their family’s immune system all year round.

“This Valentine’s, we’re encouraging everyone to spread the love within the household, with a daily dose of kindness in the form of immune support supplements, that will help the whole family to feel its best.”



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