Princess Grace’s Best Beauty Secrets


Award-winning Hollywood actress, princess and devout philanthropist Grace Kelly has left a lasting legacy as one of the most elegant women in history. Besides being the beloved Princess of Monaco, those who knew her say she had a “hands-on” approach to beauty—even after she became a royal—and recently shared her secrets with us.

Fragrance Files

Claudia Poccia, CEO of Grace de Monaco, says that Princess Grace’s meticulous attention to detail extended to her fragrance. “Her perfumes reflected her refined sensibilities and were a signature element of her personal style. On Oscar night in 1955, she wore Chateau Krigler 12, a blend of lily of the valley, mimosa, rose and musk, and made history by winning the award for Best Actress. A year later, Prince Rainier III would commission the House of Creed to create a perfume to complement her wedding bouquet. Fleurissimo, an elegant blend of bergamot, tuberose, iris, and Bulgarian rose, is forever intertwined with their timeless love story.”

To honor her timeless legacy, “our fragrances must be precise and uncompromising in quality,” says Claudia Poccia, CEO of Grace de Monaco, a modern-day perfume brand that donates all profit to the Princess Grace Foundation. “Grace de Monaco fragrances have modern constructions, but retain the references and connections to Princess Grace. Princess Grace loved flowers and each formulation features a thoughtful blend of florals, especially roses,” she says. “Promenade Sur Le Rocher ($220), Danse Étoilée ($220) and Ombre Sereine ($220) are all crafted to embody the sophistication that defined Princess Grace’s persona, and to capture her pivotal evolution from Hollywood to Monaco.”

BUY NOW – $220

BUY NOW – $220

BUY NOW – $220

Poccia is also quick to note that 100-percent of the profits from every purchase of Grace de Monaco product flow directly into the Princess Grace Foundation-USA, proud stewards of Princess Grace’s legacy. “Through their mission to support new generations of extraordinary and diverse talent in theater, dance and film, Princess Grace’s altruistic spirit lives on.”

Routine Matters

Princess Grace “remained discreet about her makeup and skin-care routine,” as well as the products she used, Poccia asserts. “But during her time in Hollywood, Erno Laszlo was the skin-care expert that many actresses relied on,” says Poccia. “One of her favorite skin-care products was his Phormula 3-9 Repair Cream ($295). In 1965, Princess Grace named Lancaster [of Monaco] her official skin-care and sun-care supplier.”



Lip Service

In terms of makeup, Poccia says the House of Dior gifted Princess Grace a box of 14 lipsticks, but her favorite was the iconic red Dior Rouge 999 ($49), released in 1953.

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Self-Care Sessions

Princess Grace was diligent about self-care, as detailed by biographer Gina McKinnon in her book What Would Grace Do? She prioritized hydration, avoided smoking and maintained an active lifestyle through swimming, dance, ballet, yoga, horseback riding, and tennis. “Though she followed occasional diets during her Hollywood days, she later embraced a more relaxed approach to food and well-being,” says Diana Kemppainen, president of the Princess Grace Foundation-USA. “Her dancer’s background and modeling experience instilled in her a focus on posture, a trademark of her signature poise and elegance.”

DIY Essentials

Even after becoming Princess of Monaco, Princess Grace had a hands-on approach to beauty, preferring to do her own hair and makeup. She always carried a brush and powder for touch-ups and adhered to a strict skin-care routine. She followed a double-cleansing method and splashing technique that is said to have been pioneered by Erno Laszlo. Makeup and hair stylist Peter Lamas revealed that Princess Grace prioritized keeping her hands hydrated, considering them the first area to show signs of aging.

Hair Apparent

When in New York, Princess Grace relied on Peter Lamas at the Kenneth Townhouse Salon for her hair care needs. Later, Alexandre de Paris was her trusted stylist in Europe. He created more than 300 hairpieces for special occasions, royal events and galas. Regarding fashion, Diana Kemppainen, president of the Princess Grace Foundation-USA confirms that she was a patron of Christian Dior, Gucci, Chanel, Balenciaga, Givenchy, and Yves St-Laurent. “She was fond of classic, feminine accessories, like white gloves, scarves, sunglasses, and the original Hermès Kelly bag. Her jewelry collection, replete with diamonds and pearls, had pieces from legendary brands such as Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels.”



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