Planning a Trip to Israel? Here’s Why You Need to Invest in Israel Travel Insurance


If you are planning a trip to Israel soon and are perplexed about investing in Israel travel insurance, we’re here to give you all the information. As things about travel insurance can get confusing due to amenities, coverage, specific terms and conditions, getting the right information can seem difficult. But, no more! Here is everything you need to know about getting Israel travel insurance.

Why do you need Israel travel insurance?

Israel travel insurance will secure you from any mishap, medical emergency and unfriendly situations probable to happen during your travel time. According to IRDA, travel insurance plays a major importance in providing safety and security throughout your Israel journey.

A specific Israel travel insurance can provide coverage for accidents, medical hospitalization, passport or documents loss, baggage loss, etc. It can support in times of flight delays, cancellations, and other specific medical emergencies. But all these benefits can only be claimed if you get the right type of travel insurance.

Here are some of the prerequisites to keep in mind before buying your Israel travel insurance-

  • As your insurance would protect you in a foreign country, always remember to check the IRDA registration status before buying Israel travel insurance. It is recommended to buy travel insurance only from IRDA registered firms, companies, or agents.
  • Always understand the coverage details and amenities covered in your Israel travel insurance plan.
  • Go through terms and conditions carefully to mitigate any last-minute surprises.
  • Never sign on to the blank proposal form and take necessary precautions.
  • Always apply and get the Israel travel insurance ahead of the time of your Israel trip. Also, check the validity days and conditions of your insurance and map that to your trip.
  • In case of shortening your trip, check for your applicability for any sort of refunds from your insurance providers.
  • Keep contact details and customer support numbers of your provider handy.
  • Don’t go for the cheapest plan by default, understand what you would require during your trip and get a tailored Israel travel insurance plan for yourself. One provider providing tailored and customizable travel insurance plans is Care Health Insurance.

Benefits of getting Israel Travel Insurance

Here are some benefits your Israel travel insurance would grant you –

  • Wide coverage
  • Cashless facility in case of medical hospitalization or doctor visit
  • Support in travel mishaps
  • Compensations wherever valid
  • Assistance in mishap situations during travelling
  • Emergency support
  • Financial assistance in a foreign country

And many more.

Where to get the right travel insurance for Israel?

If you have made up your mind about buying Israel travel insurance, the next challenge is where to buy it from? Among the hundreds of options available, some will provide the best amenities and some will present you with the most affordable plans. Choose a plan that offers you the best of everything.

Due to digitalization, there also is an option to buy travel insurance online. In this case, read the documents carefully and don’t rush things. On the other hand, buying travel insurance from verified sources in physical is always recommended and preferred.

Tips for your next Israel trip:

  • Get your visa, Israel travel insurance done at least a month before the expected date of the journey.
  • Pack all essentials such as credit cards, debit cards, documents, ID cards, visa papers, passports, flight tickets etc.
  • Be extra cautious if you have senior citizens or kids with you on the trip.
  • Understand the country’s currency exchange process.
  • Get to know Israel’s public transport operations.
  • Make a rough travel itinerary beforehand.
  • Be sure of the duration of your trip. In case of shortening or extending the trip, always manage visa, travel insurance documents carefully and reach the concerned authorities.



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