Pitambar, Paithani, Purpose And The Planet: Reliance Celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi through Craft, Sustainability, And Empowerment


Last Updated: September 19, 2023, 20:53 IST

Mukesh Ambani and family performing aarti on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi at their residence. Pic/News18

From attire to décor, from technique to interpretation, from fabric to floral, every element of Reliance’s Ganesh Chaturthi celebration this year is inspired by craft, sustainability, and empowerment

The work at Reliance always revolves around People, Planet, and Purpose. This year, the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations here embody these pillars. From attire to décor, from technique to interpretation, from fabric to floral, every element is inspired by craft, sustainability, and empowerment.

Purpose: Celebrating the spirit of ‘Make in India’

A tribute to Maharashtra’s cultural legacy, the central theme of decor and design revolves around Paithani. This celebrated Indian art form has been practised by traditional Indian artisans who have perfected and passed down their skills over generations.

For this year’s Ganpati, the traditional flora and fauna motifs found in Paithani are reimagined through various Indian crafts. From Lucknow’s Zardozi hand embroidery to Odisha’s hand-made Kagaj Charai (paper maché), the entire space is transformed into a tapestry of Indian craft.

People: Empowering people and sustaining livelihoods

Ganpati’s Baraat, featuring Mooshaks, Modaks, Elephants, Camels, and Barasinghas, is lovingly handwoven by over 700 underprivileged women. Crafted to perfection, these toys have enabled, employed, and empowered women from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This celebration brings joy not only to the homes of people at Reliance but also to the lives of countless craftspeople across the country. Over 400 artisans have meticulously embellished the floral wall behind the idol using the ancient art of flower pasting.

The Battis Gajanana corridor is adorned with 32 forms of Ganesha on sheer panels, each showcasing reimagined Paithani motifs. This endeavour required over 900 hand embroiderers and over 5,000 hours to design and create textiles that narrate stories and tales of Ganesha’s mythology, significance, and divine miracles.

A tapestry of over five lakh ghungroos was woven and placed across the area. Welcoming Bappa to the tinkling of these ghungroos has added an aura of calm and positivity to the festivities.

Planet: An ode to mother Earth

Reliance’s Ganesh Chaturthi décor this year also tells a story of resourcefulness and waste management, where every textile, floral, and design element has been thoughtfully handpicked.

Hundreds of scrap fabrics were repurposed to create toys and tassels celebrating the arrival of Ganesha. These Mooshak and Modak toys have been placed on recycled PVC pipes encased with flowers and fabrics.

All-natural florals used at the event will be recycled and repurposed to create manure for plants and incense sticks for temples. Only sustainably sourced natural silks, cotton, and textiles have been used all across.



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