OMG, Look at Charlize Theron’s Teensy-Weensy Bubble Ponytail — See Photos


When your hair is short and you’ve definitively decided to grow it out, time suddenly seems to slow down. All of the hairstyles you’re looking forward to doing once you’ve gained inches — half-up, messy buns, ponytails — feel impossibly far in the future. But let Charlize Theron‘s latest look give you some hope: With a little determination and a world-class hairstylist, you can not only wear a ponytail with short hair, you can wear a trendy bubble ponytail with short hair. 

Theron was seen in the front row at Dior’s womenswear runway show during Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday, September 26, looking stunning as always. She wore a sheer, beaded maxi skirt, the drama of which was offset by a classic white button-down. But her hair manages to catch and keep the eye regardless of this major fashion moment.

Getty Images

From the front, it may seem like Theron’s hair, which just barely reaches minimum length requirements to be considered a bob, is slicked back in a simple middle-parted style. But when we get a glimpse from the side, we can see that her go-to hairstylist, Adir Abergel, got creative with what little bit of hair could be pulled into an elastic.



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