Nikki and Brie Garcia Turn 40, Talk Life So Far


They are mothers, T.V. and podcast hosts, entrepreneurs, and just had their Amazon Prime show, Twin Love, premiere last week. And, as of today, Nikki and Brie Garcia, aka The Bella Twins, are officially the big 4-0. The dynamic duo recently sat down with us to talk the milestone birthday, and what that looks like for a life that’s been spent together.

Where are your heads for this big birthday?

Brie: It’s one of those things…I think, with getting older, there’s always a sad and scary part to it. I have mixed emotions. Everyone tells me that their 40s is their favorite decade. Overall, I’ve never felt more confident; I am happy where I’m at my life and with my family and my marriage. I have some great energy going into my 40s, which is what I’m looking forward to. It’s weird to go into a new decade. I haven’t done this for a while! But it’s going to be a fun new journey.

Nikki: For me, there’s a little bit of that realization of how fast life goes—because I just can’t believe I’m about to be 40! I don’t feel it; I don’t think I look like it. It’s like, “Oh, my gosh, I feel like I’m still young. Wait, what do you mean? I just became a mom and I’m about to be 40!”

Also, like Brie said, there’s something exciting about going into the next decade. It’s crazy what it does to your mind—you set these new goals and I feel more motivated to accomplish them and to have these certain achievements.

One thing I’ve noticed going into 40 is just what a stronger woman I’ve become. It’s everything I’ve heard about women in this decade! I love how much more I’m using my voice, setting my boundaries, and living my life. I like where I am at—I’m a mom, I’m a wife, I live in Napa Valley with my sister, we make wine, we have this great career. I feel fortunate and we have great health going into this next decade. I feel blessed.

What advice would you give to your younger selves starting out with your careers?

Brie: I would tell my younger self to just be easy on yourself. I feel like we’re so hard….and, especially nowadays, everyone thinks you should have overnight success. I think the greatest part is enjoying the journey to success. I was so hard on myself when I was younger. I wish I was a little more gentler and nicer.

Nikki: I would definitely tell my younger self to lose expectation! Don’t even let that word be in your dictionary. Know that life’s a roller coaster. Ride, stay on your path. Have your goals, but know life happens. And that’s O.K.

Obviously, fitness is a big part of your lives. Have you changed what you’re doing as you’ve gotten older?

Brie: Yes. I was always thinking I needed a really hard workout. I needed to sweat. Now, I realize, I just need to move—whether that’s a power walk, it’s doing yoga, it’s being in the garden with my kids. Every day, there’s a way to be physically and emotionally in shape. I need both—my mental health is just as important as my physical health. My workouts have gotten easier, but I feel happier.

Nikki: Yes. For me, it’s definitely less weight, more power walks, and more reset movement. It’s more about toning and lengthening with body weight than using actual weight. I think that is always the one thing that will remind you of your age! The aches and all those things.

I’ve really tried to be kinder to my body in the way of not looking at it like we’re in a competition. It’s not trying to have crazy abs that are popping out and biceps. It’s more of just having good health. I may not look like a cover girl, but it’s O.K.

I look at my young son, and I think of how active he’s going to be. I count those years and I keep saying, “If you want to keep up, it’s about focusing on your inner health, which also is mental health.”

It’s so important to bring a meditation into it; Brie and I are in a fortunate position that we can have a life coach. That has been such a blessing for me.

Even an app like Headspace can help with that; I truly feel that it’s so important to talk to someone and, sometimes, you need to have someone professional, not just friends to talk to. Sometimes, the people that love us have a hard time telling us things that we need to be told. That’s why I think professionals are amazing to have in your life.

How do you both keep everything together professionally as coworkers and sisters? Do you ever have arguments about certain business things?

Nikki: Yes, we definitely have disagreements!

Brie: Yes, we do! But the nice thing is that we have the same priority list. Family is number-one. We understand each other’s schedules and, ultimately, our needs. That’s always helped.

Then, creatively, yes, there are definitely times where we don’t see eye-to-eye, and we really have to compromise. It honestly feels like a marriage. Compromise is the big thing…but I have to say that having a twin sister—a partner—makes business very easy. I don’t know how people do it on their own, because I could not if it wasn’t for Nikki. I don’t think I would be a winemaker. I don’t think I’d be a podcaster. She helps balance me. My business partner is my twin, which has made all the magic work.

Nikki: Over the years, we’ve really found that respect for each other—respect that goes beyond sisterhood. I think that’s helped us. We apologize quickly, or we stop ourselves and are like, “O.K. You talk, I talk, where’s the compromise?” I feel like that’s what’s made us amazing on a professional level, and amazing business partners. It’s just having that respect. As a business partner, not looking at her as a twin sister.

That’s really nice. What are you excited about as the year we get into the holidays?

Nikki: The party!

Brie: I’m such a holiday nerd. I love the holidays. I love decorating. I love dressing up. I love going to all the events. I exhaust myself. Come January, I’m so ready to be detoxing and doing nothing. I’ll take my kids to every single event. I’ll go to every party. I feel like it’s such a special time of year where we get to do all that. I always look forward to the end of the year where I not only go all out, but I also make my goals for the next year. It’s fun. I make myself so exhausted, but I can’t wait to step into something new.

Nikki: Yes, I’m like Brie. I love being surrounded by the holiday spirit. It does such love for the soul. It’s just a time for family. Experiencing Halloween this year with Mateo, he’s three, it was amazing. I know Christmas is going to be the same—where he finally recognizes it and asks me questions about it and wants to go do all the things. Oh, my goodness. I know the holidays will be crazy, but it’s just such a special time of year! I love stopping and looking back on the year and talking about what we’re grateful for, and what we want to do. It’s so special. I can’t wait for it—I can’t wait for it all.



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