Neurophet, ReadyCure developing AI-powered dementia treatment device and more APAC collab briefs


Neurophet AI to integrate with upcoming Alzheimer’s treatment device

Neurophet has entered into a partnership with ReadyCure for the development of a dementia treatment system called Helaxon. 

Based on a press statement, Neurophet will be integrating its AI solution, Neurophet AQUA, to support brain image analysis in Helaxon. The AI-based software can analyse and detect white matter degeneration in brain MRI scans of patients with Alzheimer’s disease. 

ReadyCure will use this capability alongside its use of digital X-ray to deliver low-dose radiation to treat dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s disease. 

New cardiac ultrasound AI coming to Korea

Digital health company SELVAS Healthcare will be bringing to South Korea an AI-based heart ultrasound technology from Israel.

It has partnered with UltraSight to help it secure regulatory approval in the country for its AI guidance software while also having exclusive distribution rights to the product. UltraSight offers an AI solution that assists in acquiring cardiac ultrasound images at the point of care. The Israeli company also has a long-term plan to enter other Asian markets, particularly in Southeast Asia.  

Latest healthcare blockchain offering for patient data safety

Verida, a provider of decentralised data networks based in Singapore, has teamed up with Swiss company Partisia Blockchain to offer a new integrated tech solution for securing patient health data. 

Their new privacy tech stack combines Verida’s decentralised network for data storage and Partisia’s advanced multiparty computation technology to enable users to control access to their data by removing centralised data storage in the process.

It also allows patients to securely contribute to healthcare research while maintaining total privacy and complete control of their data, a press statement noted.



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