Nettle health benefits: Pharmacist’s plant drink lowers blood sugar and blood pressure


Stinging nettles are “quite remarkable”, remarked Roy Lamb. A rich source of omega-3, essential amino acids, vitamin A, calcium, and fibre, the nutrient-dense plant can prolong longevity. Its omega-3 content, which “plays a vital role in controlling cholesterol”, matches that of spinach. Nettles also contain “almost the same amount of amino acids as chicken”, so it’s abundant in its muscle-building capability.

While nettle has been part of traditional medicine for eons, scientific research is now providing vital evidence that the plant could have life-enhancing effects.

Lamb said there’s nothing wrong with picking weeds from the garden, as long as you wash them off and boil them before you add the plant to your meals.

However, if you’d rather a more simplistic way of enjoying the health benefits of nettles, Lamb recommends the Emunity detox health drink.

Easily drinkable from a can, Emunity harnesses the healing properties of the weed without the fuss.



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