Manage Your Mental Wellbeing as a Student Nurse with This Guide


Nursing is a field that expects high levels of competence and drive from its practitioners. Studying to become a nurse is no different, regardless of the specific area you are working towards. Since the role of a nurse is largely about ensuring the health and wellbeing of other people, it is easy to forget to take care of yourself in the process. If you are currently studying to begin your career as a nurse or are looking to seek further opportunities by expanding your skillset, you probably feel stretched thin. Studying and participating in work placements understandably causes stress, so here is your guide to protecting your wellbeing while you learn.

Follow a Regular Routine

You will have many different modules within your program that will require full concentration to achieve success, and this level of focus is often the main reason that student nurses struggle with their mental wellbeing. Being consistently focused for extended periods can easily cause you to feel out of control and burnt out. One of the simplest methods to combat this feeling is to set up a regular routine that is easy to follow and stick to. Use your studies as a base around which to structure the rest of your time.

Make Time for Breaks

Some student nurses feel that they must never stop studying if they want to obtain their qualifications. While it is useful to be dedicated to your education, studying without breaks is counterproductive. When you neglect to rest your body and mind, you compromise the quality of learning absorbed by your long-term memory. Schedule sufficient breaks between study periods to avoid wasting time trying to put knowledge into an exhausted mind.

Consider Online Study

Sometimes the causes of your stress can come from the study method itself. Commuting to campus or staying away from home to study can be more stressful than the nursing program. Fortunately, online learning is becoming increasingly popular and effective. Even if you are already a registered nurse, you can study an online AGNP DNP program to advance your career and open up further prospects. Studying remotely allows you to be more flexible with your time without compromising on your education. Online nursing schools allow you to participate in practical learning by helping you locate placements and work experience, so you won’t be missing out. At the same time, you reap the benefits of remote education.

Take Frequent Notes

The stress of not remembering a crucial fact or technique can make studying nursing far more difficult than it needs to be. Whether you are in class, at home, or taking part in work experience, have a small notepad and pen to hand so you can take quick notes. If you are too busy in the moment, reflect on what you learned immediately afterward. Include questions in your notes so you can ask them at the next opportunity. This simple technique, along with the other tips above, will help reduce your stress.

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