Make Your Business Trip Seamless With These Tips


Frequent business trips can leave you drained and exhausted. But is it as demanding as it sounds? Business trips can be fun, too, only if you know how to balance your time and energy. While traveling in itself is fun, some may think business trips aren’t. Let us understand how regular business travelers can take out some time from their hectic schedules and make their journey eventful.

Plan your travel time smartly:

To begin with, organize your travel in a way so that it fulfills all your necessities and requirements. “Starting from tickets and accommodation, mode of transportation to packing your things, planning is essential when it comes to making your business trip seamless. Whether you’re going for a client meeting, taking a class, or attending an event, professionals will always need to take business trips. In order to maximize your productivity and relaxation during the trip, do your research beforehand,” says Vikas Sharma, CEO, Encalm Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

Make sure your baggage is light and has all the required items. For instance, here’s a list of essentials one must not forget during a business trip:

  • Travel documents- boarding pass, passport, etc.
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Headphones or earbuds
  • Laptop or tablet along with an adapter for International travel
  • Business files and papers
  • Clothing items, sneakers, formal shoes, and apparel

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Plan a hassle-free airport experience

Another way to make business trips easier is planning your free time. “Travelers on business trips can enjoy a seamless airport experience by taking airport meet-n-greet services that take care of all the airport formalities. From trained professionals welcoming the travelers at the entrance to taking them through all the procedures until they board the flight, these facilities serve the travelers at each step. The airport meet-n-greet services not just save time but also help in maintaining strict business schedules,” adds Sharma.

With free time in hand make sure you enjoy airport hospitality. Roughly, airports offer multiple facilities, including lounges and spas. When it comes to relaxation and having me-time prior to a hectic business meeting, one should definitely experience airport lounges. “Specially designed for business travelers, these lounges are nothing but ports of luxury. The whole idea of creating such spaces is to provide comfort to travelers. Be it sleeping pods, spa areas, or shower rooms, lounges offer varied amenities to make your travel relaxing and exciting,” believes Sharma.

On the other hand, shower and spas can help you get ready for your next meeting. Other add-on amenities, including WiFi, plug-in points, etc., are also provided at lounges to make sure that work never stops.

To sum up, you need to foster ideas and plan in advance to make your business trips a pleasurable and a fulfilling experience.

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