Know How It Started And Always Smile For A Good Health     


Today on this occasion, know how one can remain happy in every situation.

On this day know how you can keep yourself happy in every situation.

Every year World Smile day is celebrated on the first Friday of October. This year it is being celebrated on October 1. American graphic artist Harvey Ball from Worcester, Massachusetts is the one who started this day. He created the first ever smiley in 1963 while working for a client of his own advertising agency.

Harvey Ball created the smiley face for an insurance company which hired him to create an image to boost the morale of its employees. The result was the first ever smiley which became an instant hit. After several years Ball came up with the idea that at least one day in a year should be dedicated to smiling. Hence he conceptualized the World Smile Day and since 1999 it is being celebrated on the first Friday of October every year.

Today on this occasion, know how one can remain happy in every situation.

If you start your day with a smile then the entire day in all probability will remain positive. When you smile for real dopamine and serotonin hormones get released in your body. These hormones are responsible for your happiness. Serotonin reduces stress and dopamine increases happiness and experience of pleasure.

Our mood also depends on what we think. We can actually control the way we feel and the way we react in any given situation. Hence keep thinking about those things which make you happy and spend time with those people who inspire you.

Laughter creates a good effect on everyone and creates a positive vibe. Being happy is the key to good health as it keeps your heart healthy.

So spread some happiness among others for which you can also tell them a joke. Their smile will fill your heart with happiness too. It is said that when you share your happiness it increases. Give the poor and needy children things that they need or give them candies. You can also spend some good time with them or help them. Helping any needy will give them happiness for sure but it will also make you so happy that you will forget all your stress.

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