Kidney cancer: Blood in urine, low back pain, and weight loss are ‘warning’ signs


The doctor says that blood in the urine, also called haematuria, is a common symptom associated with kidney cancer, “therefore if you notice any change in the colour of your urine it’s advised to seek medical attention”.

Dr Natalie said: “Often blood in the urine is caused by minor infections, which can be easily treated, so while it’s unlikely to be a sign of cancer, you should still see your GP for further tests to rule out cancer and other serious causes.”

She added that persistent low back pain or pain in the side between the ribs and hipbone is a symptom that people don’t often associate with kidney cancer, and “it can sometimes be overlooked”.

She said: “However, if the pain in your back, or side, is constant and doesn’t appear to be going away, it’s a good idea to seek a doctor’s opinion to ensure anything underlying is ruled out, and you are being treated correctly to avoid it getting worse.”



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