Is Sculpt Nation’s Fruit Punch Creatine Worth It? [Review]


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As the unofficial and never-elected spokesperson for the entire fitness community, we’ve taken the liberty to crown creatine as the “king” of all sports supplements. Creatine is one of the most well-studied supps in history, linked to increased size, performance, strength, power, all that.

V Shred’s Vince Sant launched his own supplement line — Sculpt Nation — which includes a little ‘ol thang called “Fruit Punch Creatine.”

But priced at $1.23 per 5g scoop, is Sculpt Nation’s Fruit Creatine worth it?

About the Creator – Sculpt Nation

Fitness personality and V Shred founder, Vince Sant, launched the Sculpt Nation line at the “urging” of his die-hard supporters. After customers fell for the cons from big-name supplement frauds, Sant spearheaded his own line of safe and effective sports supplements.

Sculpt Nation is now a collection of more than a dozen supplements, from turmeric black to pre-workout to BCAAs. Sant also backs his brand with the promise of hand-selecting ingredients, researching their effectiveness, and in-depth third-party testing.

A Closer Look at Sculpt Nation’s Creatine

Sculpt Nation’s Fruit Punch Creatine packs 5g of pure creatine monohydrate into every scoop to rev ATP synthesis, maximize strength and power mid-workout, and accelerate recovery. Each $37 canister includes 30 servings of flavorless creatine masked with a fruit punch kick.

Here’s a list of the long (like long, long) list of promises Vince Sant attaches to this one:

  • Increased ATP synthesis (for energy)
  • Ridiculous bioavailability (for rapid absorption & quick effects)
  • Increased strength, power, endurance, & speed
  • Fast mid-workout recovery
  • “Jaw-droppingly delicious flavors”
  • Build ripped muscle (or preserve muscle while dieting)
  • The “purest, most potent strain” of creatine
  • 100% guaranteed results

We watered that down a lot because he literally rambles on and on and on (as only Vince Sant can) about the benefits of regular ‘ol creatine monohydrate instead of the “complex” he allegedly masterminded.

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Sculpt Nation’s Creatine Details

Sculpt nation’s creatine details image

Vince Sant would probably shovel dirt into a bottle and label it a cutting-edge supplement that “melts fat as you sleep” if it meant he could snag a quick buck. But before we repeat the mantra — creatine is creatine — we’ll give her a fair shake.


Sculpt Nation Creatine is a mix of five ingredients. Here’s an overview of each, what it does, and why Vince Sant may have “hand-selected” it for this “complex”:

Creatine Monohydrate (5g)

Creatine is a non-essential amino acid (our bodies make it), with monohydrate form rising to the ranks of the most popular type on the market.

Hundreds upon thousands of studies link the creatine & weightlifting combo to increased 1RMs, strength, power, muscle size, and endurance while reducing recovery times.

Citric Acid

As the name suggests, citric acid originated in citrus fruits like lemon. But we have three potential theories as to why Sculpt Nation included it in a creatine supplement.

One, citric acid supposedly allows the body to better absorb nutrients (also known as bioavailability, which is coincidentally a word Sant tosses around in the intro).

Two, it’s a common flavoring agent, and this bad boy is fruit punch.

Three, one type of creatine — creatine citrate — is a blend of citric acid and creatine rumored to absorb much more efficiently, although research suggests otherwise. In V Shred’s ass-backward method of science, we wouldn’t doubt this is the reason.

Natural Fruit Punch Flavor

If we had to guess, we’d say it’s a mix of berries, orange, pineapple, lemon, lime, grapes, we’re just naming a bunch of fruit.

Beetroot Juice

Again, Sant doesn’t explain whatsoever why he added a single ingredient in this creatine “complex.” But studies do confirm a potential link between beetroot juice and upped endurance and prolonged time to exhaustion in elite athletes through boosted nitrate oxide levels.


It sounds poisonous, but no, sucralose is literally just Splenda.

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts sculpt nation creatine image

The only real “nutrient” in Sculpt Nation’s Fruit Punch Creatine is creatine monohydrate, which makes us doubt that this is a “creatine complex” or “the purest creatine on earth” as it’s branded:

Nutrient Creatine
Creatine Monohydrate 5g

If we ignore that the way Vince Sant disregards basic exercise science, we’re left with a generic creatine monohydrate supplement with a slapped-on Sculpt Nation label. Five grams of creatine per day — or a single-scoop — is smack-dab-in-the-middle of the 2 ¼–10g suggestion.

How to Take It (Dosage Instructions)

Unless you bathe with your socks on, the tub shouldn’t have to make this crystal-clear — mix fruit-flavored (or really any-flavored) creatine with water … NOT milk. This powder mixes easily in 6–20 ounces of water in a shaker bottle.

Tip: Take a 5g maintenance dose daily before or after exercise. (Studies show it doesn’t really matter when, though the benefits do surge when taken either immediately before or after.

Sculpt Nation Fruit Punch Creatine Pros

  1. Great Flavor. Kyle took one for the team and actually tried Sculpt Nation Creatine a few weeks back. We haven’t heard from him since. Totally kidding; he said the fruit punch flavor is “actually very good,” but he forgot to use the phrase “jaw-droppingly delicious.” (Hey, we’ve tried supplements that taste oddly like jet fuel and chemicals.)
  2. Easy-Mixing. Unless you secretly love the gritty, sandy consistency of the last few sips of s***ty creatine powders, Sculp Nation’s version is satisfyingly smooth and easy to blend. Mix it with a spoon in a cup of water or in your favorite shaker bottle.
  3. Consistent. If you’re already supplementing 5g of daily creatine monohydrate with another brand, switching to Sculpt Nation won’t reverse your six pack progress. In-workout recovery is consistent, you’ll squeeze out an extra rep or two, and the noticeable muscle fullness will remain.
  4. Pure Creatine + a Few Minor Ingredients. It’s essentially pure creatine. Aside from a few “other” ingredients like citric acid, natural fruit punch flavor, beetroot juice, and sucralose, Sculpt Nation Fruit Punch Creatine isn’t much different from other creatines.
  5. The “other” ingredients. Yep, they might actually improve your performance in the gym alongside the creatine monohydrate. Why Sant chose the gimmick route instead of the scientific “we added beetroot juice because research shows…” path that would give credence to the supplement he’s peddling is beyond us. Both beetroot juice and citric acid could very well revolutionize your workouts to a small degree.
  6. Backs It Up With Research (To Be Continued…). Hey, we’ll give him an A+ for the attempt. Vince Sant adds six references to the product page backing up his claims that creatine boosts cell volume, increases muscle mass by 4.4 pounds, and more.

Sculpt Nation Creatine Cons

  1. … But Doesn’t Link to Said Studies. There’s no sense in putting a number in brackets next to a statistic without actually citing the study you’re referencing.
  2. Always “On Sale” It Seems. No, you didn’t miraculously stumble upon Sculpt Nation’s line-up just in the nick of time. Like a typical V Shred program, these supplements are seemingly always listed at a discounted rate.
  3. High Price Per Serving. If Sant really plans to hike the price up to $47 eventually, how the hell do you justify charging $1.63 per serving for creatine at its original price? Sculpt Nation competitors literally sell creatine for half that without a phony “sales” price.
  4. Sales Pitch Is a Bit … Extra. We’re not saying it doesn’t work. (It’s really hard to screw up a supplement with a single main ingredient.) But calling it the “purest, most powerful creatine in the world” or hyping it up like it’s the only creatine on the market that builds muscle fibers or increases IGF-1 production is — at the very least — misleading.
  5. Buying Options Are a Tad Shady. Be careful ordering from the “Product Options” section. It automatically toggles “AutoRefill” on, and the only way to cancel a subscription is to send an email to their customer support department.
  6. Only One Flavor. Fruit punch is actually a personal favorite. But when you advertise your creatine as having “several jaw-droppingly delicious flavors” (*yawn*), you’re setting customers up for disappointment.
  7. Lifetime 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Logistically, how do you offer a lifetime guarantee on a supplement tub with 30 servings that’ll be gone in a month?
  8. Reviews Are Debatable. It’s no coincidence every single Sculpt Nation supplement has a 4–5-star rating. We have two bones to pick here. For one, there’s no place for a verified customer to leave a review or star rating. Two, if you right-click on the rating, you’ll see it’s actually just an image — that four-star rating is not going to budge.

Sculpt Nation’s Fruit Punch Creatine Review – Conclusion

Sculpt nations fruit punch creatine review conclusion image

If we could rate Sculpt Nation Fruit Punch Creatine on advertising tactics and price alone, we would rate it a “G” for — “Gosh, who the hell would buy this?” But it’s also decently flavored, mixes easily is a simple formula (proven to work), and has a similar quality to other creatine out there.

The only deal-breakers here are the price — because there’s no logical need to spend twice as much as other reputable brands — and the shady or misrepresented advertising.

We’d recommend Sculpt Nation Fruit Punch Creatine for anyone tired of the grainy creatine powders with <5g per scoop or dull, chemical-like flavors.

Rating: 7.5/10

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