How to Get Andy Samberg’s ‘Palm Springs’ Style


In Palm Springs on Hulu, Andy Samberg plays Nyles, an eccentric charmer who gets stuck living the same day over and over again at a friend’s wedding. Since a good portion of the movie takes place in this time loop, there was special attention paid to the outfit that Samberg was going to endlessly rock. “We wanted the fashion in the movie to look timeless in a way,” costume designer Colin Wilkes tells Men’s Journal.

The screenplay already detailed that Nyles would be wearing swim trunks paired with a Hawaiian shirt, so Wilkes took that framework and ran with it. “I started looking at a lot of old Martin Parr photography and just general images of ‘cool dads’ for reference,” she says. “There was the goal to make him look like the quintessential man of leisure.”

Samberg, who was also a producer on the project, helped Wilkes sort through the racks of options until they landed on their final ensemble. “Andy was very involved with the process and really helped put it together,” Wilkes says. “Not only that, but he knew exactly how he wanted to wear the clothes in each scene.”

Before production began, Wilkes snagged multiples of each item, knowing that they were going to get a lot of miles, from sprints along the dunes to cannonballs into the pool. “There aren’t many moments on camera that he isn’t wearing these pieces,” she says. “I think there are going to be a lot of people who want to try them out as well.”

Palm Springs Andy Samberg
Photo by: Hulu

During promotion for the movie, Samberg admitted that getting to wear the comfortable and cool threads throughout the day was a pleasure. The only drawback came when the desert night fell, and with it the temperature, which is when he would cap off the look with a vintage red Ralph Lauren puffer.

There aren’t many moments on camera that he isn’t wearing these pieces.

In the end, Wilkes created a look that captures an eternal “Palm Springs” vibe, worthy of a place in any guy’s warm weather rotation. Here’s how you can cop it for yourself with looks inspired by what you see in the movie.

Palm Springs Andy Samberg
Photo by: Christopher Willard/Hulu

The Shirt

“I must have looked at dozens of different Hawaiian prints, but this one just checked all of the boxes,” Wilkes says. The shirt is from Ralph Lauren’s 2018 collection, and still fairly modern at the time of filming, so they were able to easily acquire it. “The crimson red was a perfect contrast to the stark desert landscape and his mustard yellow shorts.” Here’s a similar style if you’re looking to get one for yourself.

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The Swim Trunks

“I had mustard yellow in my head as soon as I read about the swim trunks in the script,” Wilkes says. They found the right shorts for the job at ASOS, cut at the perfect length with a timeless look. “They just worked.”


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The Sunnies

“The sunglasses were originally supposed to be yellow, and we tried on about 40 different pairs before landing on this pair,” says prop master Marcy Silver. “They were a surprise hit.” The faux wood frames they landed on were a strong addition to the signature Nyles look.


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Palm Springs is now available on Hulu.

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