How Spas and Wellness Centers are Focusing on Sleep for Overall Health and Well-being


In today’s fast-paced world, people are increasingly recognizing the importance of self-care and wellness. As a result, the wellness and spa industry has seen significant growth over the past decade. One of the areas where wellness and spas can make a significant impact is in improving sleep quality.

Spas and wellness centers offer a variety of services and treatments that can help improve sleep. For instance, massage therapy can help reduce stress and promote relaxation, leading to better sleep. Similarly, yoga and meditation can help calm the mind and body, promoting a more restful sleep.

In addition to treatments, spas and wellness centers also focus on creating an atmosphere that promotes relaxation and sleep. From the calming music to the soothing scents and lighting, every aspect of the environment is designed to help clients unwind and drift off into a peaceful slumber.

Sleep-focused wellness programs are becoming increasingly popular, with some spas even offering sleep retreats. These retreats typically offer a combination of sleep-focused treatments and workshops on sleep hygiene, relaxation techniques, and stress management.

Dr. Neeru Jain, Spa & Wellness Director, Six Senses Fort Barwara, believes regular sleep helps in achieving an ideal quality of life and improving overall health. “The importance of a positive and comfortable ambience in the bedroom cannot be undermined, burning camphor in a diffuser, lavender oil drops on the pillow, avoiding screen time & electronics low and comfortable room temperature and above all a Yoga Nidra session followed by gratitude prayer helps us surrender to the universe,” she says.

Overall, the wellness and spa industry has recognized the crucial role of sleep in overall well-being and is actively working to promote better sleep. Whether it’s through treatments, programs, or creating a relaxing environment, spas and wellness centers are a valuable resource for those seeking to improve their sleep quality and overall wellness.

Six Senses has an entire programme dedicated to resting the mind, rejuvenating the body, and boosting the immune system. It all starts with a good night’s sleep. The resort has worked with internationally renowned experts including Sleep Doctor Michael J. Breus to develop a sleep standard to ensure that each day ends in peaceful slumber.

Mark Sands, Vice President, Wellness, Six Senses Hotels Resorts and Spas, says, “We have taken this approach with Six Senses Vana where we offer a variety of authentic programs best practiced in India and have coupled it with biohacking and a wellness screening that analyses 40 different biomarkers.”

The ground breaking sleep with Six Senses standard has been implemented across every resort to give guests the kind of night’s sleep where they wake up ready to move mountains. Handmade mattresses by Naturalmat complemented by organic pillows and duvets and high-quality cotton sheets are all essentials in every guestroom. Based on these quality basics, guests can upgrade the sleep experience, starting with an online questionnaire that enables an assigned Sleep Ambassador to fine-tune the room before arrival. The upgrade includes a Sleep Bag with sleep amenities and options such as a sound machine, specialty pillows and dehumidifier/humidifier. Guests are also equipped with a sleep tracker, the results of which are interpreted during a consultation with a wellness expert, who will recommend a personalized program of lifestyle changes, daily activities, and treatments.

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Dr. Jitendra Varshney, Wellness Director, Six Senses Vana, opines, “Good sleep is the foundation for good health and wellness. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, or at least we should do if we get consistent good sleep. We make better choices when we are rested and react more positively to life’s stressors. So, we celebrate world sleep day and everything that goes with sharing knowledge and tools around sleep to help people understand their own personal sleep needs and to create a bedtime routine that help you to wake up feeling like you best self.’’

The resort has some of the best sleeping tools from handmade mattresses, temperature regulating pillows and duvets to organic cotton sheets, and a few that are unique:

Sleep tracking

They can set up a sleep tracker device that sits unobtrusively by the side of your bed and measures your breathing as you go into the different sleep stages. The results of the sleep tracker are analyzed during a 10-minute sleep review to pinpoint any changes that may need to be made for the following night.

Jet lag app

Jet lag is caused when the sleep-wake and light-dark cycle shift too quickly for the 24-hour circadian clock in the brain to adapt. They offer complimentary access to the Time shifter app to improve your traveling experience. In the app, one can get a personalized jet lag plan based on your sleep pattern, chronotype, itinerary, and personal preferences. Rated by NASA Astronauts and elite athletes, one can now apply the same principles next time you travel across time zones.

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