How often should I wash my hair? The four rules of hair washing


Everyone has a different type of hair and skin, so one person’s hair might get greasy much quicker than someone else’s. However, washing your hair too often can lead to dehydration, breakage, and limit hair growth. So, what’s the sweet spot? Is it okay to wash your hair every other day? chatted to Abbas Kanani, a Pharmacist at Chemist Click for Mira Showers to find out everything you need to know about washing your hair.

Generally, women tend to wash their hair less often than men because longer hair is more of a chore to wash than short hair.

According to pharmacist Mr Kanani, how often you should wash your hair really depends on what shampoo you use, the type of hair you have, and how much oil your scalp produces.

You should also consider how hard your water is since regular washing of hair in hard water can lead to an itchy scalp.

Most people in the UK say they can go two to three days without washing their hair… But is this the right thing to do? Here are the four rules of hair washing.

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What’s your type?

Women should be washing their hair every one to two days if they have an oily scalp.

People with thin or straight hair will also need to wash their hair daily or every other day because these hair types lack texture and oil is easily coated on hair strands.

Washing your hair every two to three days is fine otherwise, according to Mr Kanani.

If you have afro hair, you should wash your hair about once or twice a week because this hair type needs oil to keep hair soft, curly and prevent damage and drying out.

If you want to grow your hair, don’t panic

Your hair grows around half an inch a month on average, and very little you do will change this.

Mr Kanani said: “The frequency that you wash your hair is unlikely to have an impact on your hair growth.

“The only added benefit is the heat drawn to the head, which can help to stimulate growth from follicles, but this can be done without a shower.”

Excessive shampooing, however, can cause dehydration and lead to breakage in your hair.

The more your hair breaks and splits, the less likely you are to achieve the full, long and thick mane of your dreams.

The pharmacist advised: “Investing in a hypoallergenic or natural shampoo and a shower filter (to reduce the chlorine levels in the water) will help.

“You should massage your scalp frequently, use a gentle comb to do this, and avoid heat from straighteners and hair dryers, as this can also damage hair follicles.”



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