Hayden Panettiere With Two-Tone Watermelon Hair Is Something I Never Saw Coming — See Photos


Back in 2020, pink hair dye was flying off shelves and going out of stock as folks decided to take the plunge and dye their hair. At the time, experts we spoke to said people were likely choosing the hair color because “pink is thought to have a calming effect,” and calm was sorely needed at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on a handful of recent celebrity hair changes, the pink hair renaissance has begun once again, and the latest to join its rosy ranks is Hayden Panettiere, who decided to take her pink hair to the next level with green roots that remind us of Billie Eilish’s. 

Panettiere shared her watermelon-esque hair with Instagram fans on September 18 while thanking Los Angeles colorist Erick Orellana for the dye job. The majority of her wavy hair has a pink hue, including her wispy bangs. Orellana specifically dyed her roots the color of a watermelon’s peel, and you can see them transition seamlessly into the bright pink hue about two inches from her scalp. 

Her hair actually looks like it has two different rosy shades, specifically a hot pink and a slightly lighter pastel shade. Panettiere first went pink in early September and shared a picture of her dyed hair with Instagram fans on September 2. Los Angeles-based hairstylist Christine Chavez initially dyed the actor’s hair a bubblegum hue. 

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