Halloween costume: Experts warn of dangers of coloured contact lenses and fake fangs


But both these trends could present huge health risks, including scratching of the eye’s surface and tooth damage.

Research by Optegra eye hospital group showed 42 per cent of participants didn’t realise you can harm eyes by wearing fake contact lenses, and 12 percent of people would share fancy dress make-up – another cause of eye infections.

Mr Amir Hamid, Medical Director at Optegra, said: “It is concerning that teenagers and young adults are putting their eyes at risk. For the sake of changing their pupil colour or adding to the gore and horror of their Halloween make-up look, they are risking infection and damage to the surface of the eye.”

He added: “We would warn against anyone using these cosmetic contact lenses. They can cause serious sight threatening infections. As well as the risk of scratching the surface of the eye when putting them in and removing them, especially for those who are not used to wearing contacts.

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