Genetic To Fertility Checkup, 4 Medical Tests For Couples Before Marriage


Undergoing essential medical tests is a wise decision for couples.

Premarital counselling sessions including medical tests are essential for every couple planning to get married.

The wedding season has begun in full swing. In households where weddings are on the horizon, preparations have started with much fervour and enthusiasm. People match the horoscopes (kundali) of the bride and groom to ensure a harmonious married life. Though horoscope matching is important, one crucial aspect that people often get overlooked before wedding is that the prospective bride and groom should undergo medical tests.

Importance of conducting medical tests before marriage

Now, you might be wondering why medical tests are necessary when the individuals appear healthy. Even if the bride and groom seem healthy externally, there could be genetic diseases or reproductive issues that are not apparent. To ensure a healthy and happy married life and prevent any physical or mental health issues for you and your future children, undergoing essential medical tests is a wise decision.

Premarital counselling sessions including medical tests are essential for every couple planning to get married. These sessions help in creating awareness about the health-related challenges after marriage. Before attending any pre-marital counselling session, couples often go through physical examinations and laboratory tests at a healthcare facility.

What are the medical tests conducted before marriage?

The common medical tests conducted during pre-marital counselling include:

General Test: This includes a physical examination, complete blood count (CBC), complete urine analysis, and peripheral blood smears to check for general and abnormal cells.

Infectious Disease Testing: This includes tests for various diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B and C, and STDs, as their untreated consequences can lead to serious issues like infertility, foetal wastage, ectopic pregnancy, cancer, and even death.

Genetic Testing: Based on family history and genealogy, various tests are conducted to identify different health risks for the couple. These tests are crucial as marriages between close relatives can increase the risk of genetic diseases in offspring.

Fertility Test: It’s important to consider fertility tests, screening for chronic diseases, and mental health assessments. Planning to undergo pre-marital screening is recommended for every couple, as it can help identify potential health risks and ensure a healthy and happy married life.



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