Garmin launches new connected scale that can give users trends over time


Last week Garmin launched its new scale, dubbed Index S2, which is able to send weight and health data to a connected app. 

In addition to body weight, users can tap into the scale for insights on body fat percentage, BMI, skeletal muscle mass, bone mass and body water percentage. Users can also see their weight trends over time, as the screen can show a graph of the last 30 days. 

All of the data can be sent to the Garmin Connect app, which can keep track of body trends. According to Garmin, the suggested retail price is roughly $150. 


Obesity impacts 42.2% of Americans, according to the CDC. The condition is linked to heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes and certain kinds of cancers. 

While keeping track of weight through daily weigh-ins is one method, according to a Harvard Health Publishing article, that method doesn’t work for everyone. 


Several companies are working on connected scales that help users keep track of their weight over time. French digital health company Withings has been in the smart-scale space for some time. Similar to the new Garmin scale, Withings’ Body+scale can tell users about their heart rate, weight trends, fat mass, bone mass, muscle mass and water percentage. 

Some have specific use cases, like FitTrack, which recently launched a new scale specifically for the maternity space. 


“The Index S2 builds on the success of the first-generation Garmin smart scale with exceptional accuracy, improved design, and new weight tracking features that make it valuable for the wellness-minded customer and elite athlete alike,” Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales, said in a statement. 

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