For a Healthy Breakfast, This Fruit Sandwich Recipe is all You Need


Having a healthy breakfast is the perfect way to start your day. Sandwich is one of the common choices for breakfast in almost every household. But sometimes, when you don’t choose the ingredients well, it might prove to be rather unhealthy.

To avoid that, today we are telling you how to make nutrient-rich Fruit Sandwich. As the name suggests, the sandwich is made with fruits rather than fried food or cheese in between breads. This ensures you get a healthy breakfast. From young children to old people, anybody can have it and reap the health benefits.

Ingredients for Fruit Sandwich

Bread Slice – 5 (prefer brown bread)

Chopped Mango – 1

Chopped Apple – 1

Grapes – 8-10

Cream – 1 tsp

Jam – 1 tbsp (3-4 varieties can be used)

Walnut Powder

How to make Fruit Sandwich

To make a nutrient-rich fruit sandwich, first take a bread slice and cut off all its edges. Now take four types of jam and keep them in separate bowls.

Now, take a bread slice and apply cream all around it. Then, take four bread slices and apply different types of jam on them. Next, take all the fruits namely chopped apples, chopped mangoes and grapes and place pieces of different fruits on each jammed bread.

Take a fruit bread and place two other jam and fruit laden breads on top of it. While placing the bread slices on top of each other, keep the cream bread in the middle. After this, put the slice of bread without any fruit on the top.

Now take an aluminum foil and wrap the fruit sandwich in it. Keep the sandwich in the fridge for half an hour. After this, take out the fruit sandwich from the fridge and cut it in the middle to serve.

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