Five Ways to Lose Weight Without Skipping Meals


Skipping meals to lose weight is a myth. In fact, skipping meals is known to cause digestive problems and inversely effect your metabolism. A holistic diet and balanced lifestyle are indispensable to lead a healthy life and ensure weight loss. Some of the effective ways to stay agile, lose weight are to have a nutrient-dense, consistent diet plan, coupled with exercise regime.

Here are some safe ways to shed those extra pounds while refraining from skipping meals:

1. Adopt a balanced diet plan:

i. Eating the right way always works wonders. So, always distance yourself from fad diets. Indulge on veggies, fresh fruits instead of instant, processed foods. Get hold of local, seasonal produces instead of hunting for food items that are advertised most.

ii. Opt for foods that are organic, home-cooked, low-fat. Go for dairy products such as toned milk, yogurt; mustard spread, peanut butter instead of mayonnaise, butter, cream.

iii. Load up on protein and fiber: Proteins when consumed with fiber-rich foods work miraculously well to achieve weight loss. For example, rice-lentil; chicken-veggies; fruit-yogurt; eggs-wholegrain bread; quinoa/rajma-veggies.

2. No dining after sunset: Make it a ritual to eat only before 7pm at least. Nothing works better than keeping your body clock attuned to nature’s clock. The ability of the body to digest weakens after sunset. Studies have revealed that those who did not eat between 7 pm to 6 am can lose weight, successfully.

3. Bid adieu to sedentary lifestyle: Make long walks mandatory. Try to incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise, long walks. Don’t sit at one place for more than an hour. Take a short break and stretch your hands, body; walk around for sometime in between work. Sedentary lifestyle brings havoc to your health and meddles with weight loss.

4. Cut down caffeine, sweetened drinks: Drink plenty of water. Avoid excessive coffee, colas, cold drinks. Instead have coconut water, fruit juice, or herbal teas. That way you will save yourself from gaining weight and getting subjected to many other ailments like diabetes, constipation, obesity.

5. Sleep well, avoid stress, alcohol, smoking: Giving your body the much-needed time to rejuvenate from daily stress, tension is very important to ensure your weight loss program is on track. With stress piling, alcohol consumption, smoking- your hormones, metabolism- all go haywire.

So follow these healthy ways to ensure a safe weight loss regime.



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