Expert Explain How to Take Care of Your Hair During Monsoon Season


According to the specialist, hair should be massaged with coconut oil before bathing.

During the monsoon season, it is very important to oil your hair every day before showering.

Thick and beautiful hair adds to the positive features and helps anyone look more confident and appealing. Due to the increasing pollution in the air and hectic lifestyles, more and more people are reporting hair issues as well as early balding.

While many products in the market boast about stopping hair fall, consumers should exercise caution in such products. Natural home remedies are the best option when it comes to protecting your hair during the monsoon season.

According to Dr Yugal Rajput, Assistant Professor and Dermatologist, GSVM Medical College (Kanpur), it is common to lose around 100 hair every day, and during the rainy season, hair fall can lead to the falling out of over 300 hair. Due to the excessive moisture in the air and soaking of this moisture by the hair, the scalp becomes weak causing hair breakage and fungal infections. Hair needs special care during this season.

According to the specialist, hair should be massaged with coconut oil before bathing. This helps remove the dryness and acts as a natural conditioner. Doing this every day can get rid of the problem of hair fall. Apart from this, use a conditioner after shampooing. Be careful using mustard oil during the rainy season because it can further increase the problem.

Dr Yugal says that the best protein diet should be taken to keep the hair strong and thick. In this season the number of pulses, paneer and soybean should be increased in the diet. If you eat non-veg then fish, chicken and egg can fulfil the lack of protein in your diet. Seasonal fruits include all the nutrition that is needed by hair such as zinc, magnesium, and vitamins.

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