Ellie Goulding on her ‘crippling’ condition – how to cope with panic attacks


“Sometimes at my most terrified, when I feel there is no escape from the sheer panic and dread in my heart and brain, I remind myself that I can feel.”

Explaining that her anxiety and panic attacks have dictated most of her career, Goulding decided it was time to speak out in a bid to try and bring comfort to others who may be struggling with their mental health.

“I feel like something is broken inside. This is something so so many people have gone through, you may be going through right now, or might go through in the future – and I just wanted to say, and I have to remind myself all the time, that it’s not just you, it’s not just me. Crippled by anxiety,” she wrote.

“I know so many of you reading this feel this same pain and at the same time so many of you won’t have experienced it, but will most likely know someone who has struggled,” she added.



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