Do You Want to Decode Your Dreams ? Reading the Following Books May Help


Are you someone who is transported to the dreamscape very often? From getting chased by an unknown entity in an empty corridor to more sublime ones where you get to meet the persons you wanted to meet in person but could not, dreams comes in various forms. Some leave us waking up with a smile on our face while some are terrifying.

However, one thing that you will have questioned at least once in your life is what these dreams mean. With no known scientific process to deduce our dreams, we are merely left to speculation and often forget about our dreams. However, if you want a deeper outlook into the same, here are five books that you can read to understand your dreams better.

‘The Interpretation of Dreams’ by Sigmund Freud: Freud’s most important work, tries to provide readers a glimpse into the unconscious mind through dream interpretations. It captivates readers with symbolisms that explain how ordinary events present themselves in dreams.

‘Psychology of the Unconscious’ by Carl Jung: Carl Jung made a significant break from the psychoanalytic tradition established by his mentor, Sigmund Freud in his most famous and influential work. Rather than focusing on psychopathology and its symptoms, the Swiss psychiatrist looked into dreams, mythology, and literature in order to discover universal psyche patterns. It exemplifies a theoretical divide between Jung and Freud about the nature of libido. The friendship between both the men ended with the release of this book, with both claiming that the other could not accept he was wrong.

‘Sleeping, Dreaming and Dying’ by 14th Dalai Lama: Chronicling the conversations of the Dalai Lama with renowned western scientists Dr. Joyce MacDougal, Dr. Jerome Engel and others, this book talks on topics ranging from sleep neurology to dream yoga. It is sure to leave the reader amazed.

‘Where dreams come alive’ by Lynne Radomsky: The book discusses the practise of “shadow work,” which lets users delve into the most suppressed aspects of their subconscious brains. It was written catering especially to black women.

‘Lucid Dreaming’ by Robert Waggober: Dreaming while being aware of it is known as lucid dreaming. The book breaks down the five phases of lucid dreaming and teaches how to master them all in an autobiographical style. It also includes tips for individuals who have never been in a lucid dream state, as well as suggestions for how experienced lucid dreamers can go to the next level.

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