Do you sit cross-legged? Doctor warns it’s ‘not good’ as it increases risk of vein disease


In some cases a clot can form within the popliteal vein, causing pain, swelling, and redness in the leg and knee area. The condition, known as, popliteal vein thrombosis can occur due to poor blood flow, damage to a blood vessel, or an external injury.

Dr Finigan added that height is another factor that can put people more at risk of unhealthy veins than others, as the taller someone is, the further blood has to travel. The American Heart Association explains more about this.

A study carried out and published by Dr Nicholas J Leeper, a vascular medicine expert and cardiologist at Stanford University in California, found that certain genes that determine a person’s height are linked to varicose veins. In addition, researchers observed shared genes linked to varicose veins and DVT.

What can you do about unhealthy veins?

As briefly mentioned, Dr Finigan recommends that individuals who are suffering from symptoms should not hesitate to seek medical advice, as treatment for varicose veins or other vein related health complications can be relatively straightforward.



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