Do you have diabetes? Simple test could reveal your risk


Diabetes cases are on the rise, with more than 4.3 million adults currently living with the condition in the UK alone, according to Diabetes UK.

Worryingly, symptoms of the blood sugar condition tend to be general at first, leaving many patients in the dark.

Fortunately, taking a simple test could help reveal if you might be suffering from diabetes.

Health portal Patient created a quiz that could help you discover whether you are exhibiting some of the key symptoms and evaluate your risk.

The test consists of nine questions, with each of them looking at a different telltale sign of the blood sugar condition.

Based on your answers, the quiz will then give you advice on whether to seek medical help.

1. Do you have a problem with your weight?

Among other questions, the test will query about your weight, trying to deduce whether you’re overweight or if you have recently experienced unexplained weight loss.

While most people associate diabetes with being overweight, losing weight unexpectedly could also be a warning sign.

2. Have you felt thirstier, or found yourself drinking more than usual in recent weeks or months?

Another key symptom of diabetes is excessive thirst that continues even after you drink. The test will ask you about this problem, advising that the onset of excess thirst may be so gradual that you don’t notice it.

3. Are you peeing more than usual?

Querying about another important symptom of the blood sugar condition, this yes or no question can also help to decide whether you might be suffering from diabetes.

Patient explains that more frequent peeing is a symptom of diabetes, but warns that not everyone experiences the same symptoms. 

4. Have you been experiencing excessive tiredness or fatigue?

Another question from the quiz is trying to determine your energy levels as slow circulation in diabetes can mean that your body isn’t delivering sufficient oxygen to your cells, making you feel more tired. 

However, feeling tired can be a symptom of many other health problems.

These four questions combined with the remaining five queries which can be found by clicking here, will determine your risk of diabetes and give you advice about what to do next.

While the only conclusive test for diabetes is a blood test, the questions could give you an indication of whether to seek urgent help, or speak to your GP about these symptoms. 

“If you suspect you may have or may be developing diabetes, it’s important to get a check-up as soon as possible,” the health portal concluded.



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