Dementia: Doing 10 minutes of self-reflection everyday could ward off the disease


Speaking about the research Dr Richard Oakley said: “Researchers showed for the first time that self-reflection was linked to better brain function in areas of the brain known to be affected by dementia.

“While more research is needed to fully understand the implications of this finding, if self-reflection does seem to have a positive effect on brain function, there’s a chance one day we could reduce the risk of dementia with psychological treatments that help people build healthy thought patterns.”

Meanwhile, Professor David Bartres-Faz of the University of Barcelona added: “Taken together these findings provide important guidance for the specific ingredients to be included in cognitive-behavioural interventions aiming to preserve and promote cognitive functions in advanced age.

“This study is particularly relevant because it highlights the necessity of conducting a fine-grained analysis of the psychological processes contributing to brain health.”



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