Deepika Padukone Is All up for Chic Monochrome Attire in a Sweatshirt and Cycling Shorts


Last Updated: August 06, 2022, 14:22 IST

Sweatshirts are an easy choice for cosy-huggers during the rain. Cycling shorts, though? We can get the cool we need just from its name. Consider Deepika Padukone’s appearance. These two things taken together can lead to some real style love right now. Any shorts are the unsung heroes of warm-weather attire, but does it seem improper to repurchase or make an investment in a flattering outfit? Here is a resource you can use if it doesn’t rain. Ideal for a variety of activities, including fashionable parades, sunbathing, breakfast, athleisure, and more.

Deepika Padukone in a monochrome cool black sweatshirt and cycling shorts, spotted in Muzu Mumbai

Monochrome is a great way to coordinate your next outfit, just like the Pathaan actress who knows how to use classics tastefully. Give her some colours and clothing, and she will make everything appear modern. Anisha Padukone, a professional golfer, and I went to a city event last night, and then we quickly left for supper at a nearby restaurant. Just in time for Raksha Bandhan, the pair matched in black attire. We concur that black is gorgeous and fashionable!

Deepika chose a sporty outfit while Anisha wore casual clothing. We are here to call attention to it because it appeared stylish. The actress, who is 83, wore a simple, baggy black sweater. The drop shoulders, crew neck, cuffs, and hem of this monochromatic outfit were ribbed. Her snug cycling shorts, which had triple white stripes on the sides, added to her casually chic appearance. White sneakers that endure the test of time: what could be better? Adidas footwear wins out. She kept her outfit simple and matched the colours with a black tote purse. She also made our world go round with her smile while sporting a low bun with knots and matte makeup.

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