Classic French Desserts That Will Blow Your Mind; Check Them Out Here


France has always had one of the most unique and popular names in the culinary industry. Refined, served fresh, and handmade are a few of the main characteristics of French cooking which leave locals and tourists alike asking for more. While different regions in the country boast of different delicacies; a few transcend regional boundaries and are enjoyed tremendously. From flakey croissants to a steaming cup of chocolate espresso, you will be spoilt for choice on your next trip to Paris.

As such, are there a few must-try desserts present in the pristine country? Read on to find out.

Croissants— Synonymous with France and especially important for a classic French breakfast, croissants are a popular favourite in the country. Light, buttery, flakey goodness topped with servings of your choice–best enjoyed with a hot and foaming cup of coffee. You are bound to eat another, they are just so good.

Eclairs— Another breakfast favourite, eclairs are also a popular dessert, especially after heavy meals. It is usually described as a pastry that is made from a choux dough and then filled in with a flavoured cream of choice (mostly subtly sweet whipped cream). It is then covered with melted chocolate so that it cools and forms a crunchy layer on top. It’s possibly one of the most divine desserts you’ll eat in your entire life.

Crème brûlée— A treat to the eyes and to the palate, a crème brûlée is a quintessentially French dessert. The treat is a caramel-based light and fluffy pudding which is topped with a layer of crunchy, almost burnt caramel. The effect is usually achieved by a blow torch over the dessert moulds as soon as they are out of the cooler. An absolute hit amongst dessert lovers who like their plates a bit on the subtle side.

Profiteroles— They are delicious balls of flakey pastry and are filled with sweet whipped cream, custard, or ice cream, depending on what kind of bakery you visit in France. They are usually drenched in chocolate ganache and then served but you can easily find them sans chocolate too, especially in Parisian cafes or bakeries.

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