Boiled Water Vs Filtered Water: Which Is Better?


Water is fuel to the body, which trumps the importance of food in more ways than one. Where the scope of discourse does exist is the type of water one consumes to keep themselves hydrated.

The two primary contenders are boiled water and filtered water. There is a clear distinction between the two but the question still breathes in multiple minds which is better for your health?

So, let us try to decode the solution in this article.

Boiled Water: Advantages and Disadvantages
Boiling water has been a prevalent method for purifying water for aeons. Heating the water up to its boiling temperature and maintaining it for roughly a minute will eradicate most of the pathogens, protozoa, viruses, and bacteria. The process is advantageous since it is quite accessible and easy. Boiling water is a widely recommended method when the quality of water collectively deteriorates.

The disadvantage of this process is that it fails to remove other contaminants such as chlorine and heavy metals such as lead. In fact, boiling contaminated water tends to accumulate these heavy metals which pose an increased threat to health.

Filtered Water: Advantages and Disadvantages
Offering a wide range of products in the category, filtered water is another prevalent method to enhance the purity of water. Ranging from UV filters to activated carbons, from Ion exchange to the Reverse Osmosis method, water filters ensure the highest degree of cleansing of water.

The advantage of drinking filtered water is that you need not worry about bacteria and viruses, or heavy metals, chemicals, and organic compounds. It is also easy to churn out and get clean water as it is just a press of a button or a lift of a faucet away. There is no health disadvantage of filtered water.

Drinking filtered water turns out to be healthier than drinking boiled water. It is because filtered water is free from all contaminants while boiling water lets some of them pass through, which can be harmful to consume.

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