Bhurji to Malaikari, 5 Egg Recipes That You Should Try


Aside from health benefits such as high protein content, adequate vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, good cholesterol, essential amino acids, Omega-3fatty acids, eggs taste great. They are a staple part of the diet in most households and are usually cheaper than meat. Eggs from free-ranging chickens are also said to be cruelty-free. Below, we share five traditional egg recipes from India.

Egg Bhurji

Very easy to prepare, this spicy scrambled eggs recipe originated in the Indian subcontinent. Two to three eggs or more, depending on the number of family members, is cracked open and the contents battered. Cumin and curry leaves are sautéed in hot oil and freshly chopped onions, tomatoes or capsicum is added to it. The battered eggs are poured on top of this and scrambled. Ground spices, black pepper and freshly chopped coriander can be added to the frying mixture along with salt for taste.

Egg Curry

This recipe is prepared by boiling whole eggs for 10 mins approximately. The boiled eggs are then usually fried in either mustard oil or rice bran oil until golden brown. The eggs are then cooked in a curry which is prepared using fried onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, turmeric and ground spices. Salt and sugar are added for taste.

Egg Omelette Curry

Make omelettes with chopped onions and chopped chilli and cut them up into thin slices. Prepare the egg curry as mentioned above and then add the omelette slices to the curry. Let it cook for another five minutes, allowing the omelettes to soak up the delectable curry flavours.

Egg Malaikari

Hard-boiled eggs are coated with turmeric powder and fried till they attain a golden-red colour. Bay leaf and whole spices are heated in oil while chopped onions, pastes of ginger and garlic cloves, tomatoes and green chillies as also cumin powder and coriander powder are added to them. Water, coconut milk and the eggs are added to the mixture and cooked for five more minutes before turning it off and sprinkling some rose water on the curry for flavour.

Egg Bonda

Egg Bonda is also known as egg bajji or egg pakora. Hardboiled eggs are cut in half, dipped in a batter of besan or gram flour, rice flour, cumin seeds, black pepper powder, chopped chillies, ginger and garlic paste, salt and water. The dipped eggs are then deep-fried in hot oil until the spice coating turns golden brown.



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